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EG4 BrightMount Solar Panel Ground Mount Rack Kit | 4 Panel Ground Mount | Adjustable Angle (Pre-Order)

EG4 BrightMount Solar Panel Ground Mount Rack Kit | 4 Panel Ground Mount | Adjustable Angle (Pre-Order)

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PRE-ORDER: Expected To Ship Mid July

New Feature: Adjustable Angle! (25-35 Degree Adjustment)

Built to last using high-quality aluminum and stainless steel alloys, the EG4 solar panel ground mount will stand firm even in winds up to 105 mph. EG4’s attention to quality and customer has produced a cost-effective, low-profile solution meaning that you can set these up anywhere and count on them to last. We back our rack with a 10-year mechanical warranty so that you know your array is secure for years to come. However, our hardware isn’t just durable, it’s also simple! 

With just a few tools, you can assemble the entire rack alone, no assistance is needed. This makes it a perfect choice for homeowners and installers alike by cutting labor costs and streamlining the installation process. 

Cost-Effective Yet Outstanding Durability

  • Aluminum/Steel Alloy
    • Lightweight, strong, and weather resistant. 
  • Rated to Withstand Winds Up to 105mph.
  • Low Profile Design
  • Simple Design - Install Almost Anywhere!
  • Quality Assurance
    • Backed By a 10-Year Warranty

BrightMount Versatility

  • Multiple Terrains
    • Concrete, wood, soil with appropriate substructure
  • Flat Top Roof(tied to struts)
  • Adjustable Angle: 25° - 35° for all around maximum solar absorption.
  • Supports up to 4 solar panels (44 inches wide or less)

Easy Installation

  • Minimal tools needed
    • Optional concrete if needed with a masonry drill bit
    • Gloves, drill or wrench, tape measure & level
  • Can be Assembled in ~30 minutes

Recommended Tools/Safety Equipment 

  • Work gloves, cordless drill/driver, monkey wrench, 12.5mm drill bit, Allen wrench, measuring device, level. 

4x | 1591011-SP24 | EG4 BrightMount Rail | 2280mm | 89.76 In

4x EG4 25 Degree Mounts

6x EG4 L-Connector for Rails

Rail Connector:
2x EG4 Rail Connector With Bonding Jumper

4x EG4 End Clamp 30mm
4x EG4 End Clamp 35mm
4x EG4 End Clamp 40mm

Fits 30mm to 40mm

2x EG4 Earth Lug Extruded 6005

Grounding Clips & Wire Management:
6x EG4 Grounding Clip SS304
4x PV Cable Lip(Wire Management) - 2 Wire

Expansion Screw:
16x EG4 Expansion Screw 10*100

Installation Guide: Download

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