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Growatt 7.6kW Grid-Tie Inverter | MIN 7600TL XH-US

Growatt 7.6kW Grid-Tie Inverter | MIN 7600TL XH-US

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Cutting-Edge Grid-Tie:

  • 7600W nominal output.
  • High 500 VDC input!
  • 3 MPP trackers, 2 strings per MPP tracker.
  • Up to 98.5% efficiency!

Quality Design:

  • –13°F to +140°F operating temperature.
  • Natural convection cooling.
  • NEMA4X (IP65) rated.
  • ‘Aerospace grade’ flame-retardant lightweight materials.


  • 4G/Wi-Fi communication with APP, IoT integrated cloud and monitoring.
  • IOS, Android & Windows Apps.

Advanced Protection & Safety:

  • UL certified (1741).
  • Type III AC surge protection.
  • AC short circuit protection.
  • Ground fault & grid monitoring.
  • AFCI protection.
  • Rapid shutdown capable, RFCI protection.
  • Anti-islanding protection.
  • Residual-current monitoring.

Rated Output Power: 7600W

Max MPPT Operating Voltage: 500V

Spec Sheet: Download

Manual: Download

Quick Guide: Download

Certificate: Download

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